What is 'Conscious Leadership'? (PODCAST)

Feb 01, 2018 10:30 AM by Aileron

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What is "conscious leadership"—and how does it allow us to pause, reflect, and better respond to situations?

In a brand new podcast, Wes Gipe (Business Advisor, Aileron) and Chuck Huggins (COO, Aileron) talk about conscious leadership in their words.

Listen to the podcast to learn how conscious leadership principles can allow you to better manage your energy, emotions, and behavior.

Show notes:

[0:24] Looking at “Conscious Leadership” in the words of Wes Gipe (Certified Executive Leadership Coach and Aileron Business Advisor) and Chuck Huggins (Aileron Chief Operating Officer, Certified Executive Leadership Coach)
[1:37] What’s the difference between the assessment used in Conscious Leadership versus other leadership assessments?
[2:46] The great thing about attitude and how you choose to show up each day (versus personality)
[3:39] An overview of the 4 principles that are the foundation to Conscious Leadership
[4:09] Catabolic and anabolic energy
[5:23] True (what we believe or interpret) versus truth (facts that would support what happened)
[8:23] Suspending judgement and becoming curious
[10:26] Chuck Huggins’ personal example of judging and reacting too quickly
[13:02] Thought-Emotion-Action
[14:08] What we mean when we say “energy”
[16:34] How we connect most authentically with one another
[18:20] A final note to remember on what we bring to work each day
[19:17] How to go further and gain momentum with Conscious Leadership   

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Take the Next Steps with Conscious Leadership

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