What Are You Most Looking Forward To At #LIFT2017?

Jul 27, 2017 10:30 AM by Aileron

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As a continual learner, you seek ways to constantly learn and grow—ways to grow your people, to grow as an entrepreneur, and ways to advance your business.

LIFT offers you another chance for deep learning and practical application of fresh and new tools to go deeper in applying the DOC model. And, LIFT (a day-and-a-half summit held on August 29-30) also provides another opportunity to work “on” your business, and empower your team to explore skills and tools that will help them become the best version of themselves.

We asked 5 business leaders what they are most looking forward to at #LIFT2017. Here’s what they said:

What Are You Most Looking Forward To At #LIFT2017?

“I am looking forward to diving deeper into the DOC model in a hands-on way that allows me to take actionable feedback and tools back to my business.” Adam Unger, President, Accutech Systems

“LIFT is a great place to create community and share stories and ideas.  I’m looking forward to seeing my clients in a casual setting and catching up.”  Wes Gipe, LIFT Speaker and Business Advisor, Aileron

“I’m looking forward to investing in the lives of others while they invest in mine. LIFT provides a platform for everyone from CEOs to frontline employees to learn from and inspire one another. This event not only improves skills and knowledge, it also facilitates the building of encouraging relationships.” Barbara Hogan, Co-Owner and Chief Culture Officer, Afidence

“LIFT is an opportunity to see experienced practitioners use new and interesting analysis techniques (Value Propositions, Business Model, Energy Leadership, Succession Planning, and others) to create a roadmap to Professional Management.

Management theories only go so far.  How theories are put into action is what LIFT is all about. The ‘does and don'ts’ of practical application are what I value most from LIFT. Business owners have a vision for their business. LIFT deals with effective techniques to bring that Vision into reality.

Not only do you learn new management techniques from LIFT,  you get to meet other business owners who face similar challenges. The side-bar conversations with peers are worth the price of admission.” Marty Densmore, Business Advisor, Aileron

“There will be a community of individuals who are hard-workers, builders, problem solvers, innovators, givers, people developers, visionaries who gather for two days to exchange ideas, learn from each other, and hear new ideas and insights from many experts.

The energy will be high and people will leave with new perspectives, insights, ideas and how-to’s about themselves, their business, their teams, and their challenges. Can’t wait to hear from Bo, Clay, Mike, Loren, Nick, David and enjoy the summer breeze out on the patio at the reception with great food, drinks and company.

Offer yourself the time to work ‘on’ your business, and empower your team to explore the practical tools to help your business grow at LIFT.” Joni Fedders, LIFT Speaker, President, Aileron

Empowering Your Employees Starts with You

Accelerate your ability to apply professional management throughout your company, and help your people to do the same. Join more than 100 business leaders from across the country at LIFT, a day and a half of interactive sessions and practical application of fresh and new tools to continue to apply the DOC model within your organization. Learn more about empowering your team to explore the proven tools to grow your business below.

LIFT you, Your Team, and Your Business at #LIFT2017

UPDATE: LIFT2017 is now SOLD OUT! For more updates on LIFT, including details on next year's Summit, sign up for our Personalized Content. 

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