Lessons from Margie Blanchard: Tips to Work With Your Spouse

Dec 22, 2016 10:30 AM by Aileron

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If you work with your spouse, one thing is sure to happen: you’re going to see their strengths and capabilities up-close, shares Margie Blanchard, Ph.D, an accomplished management consultant and trainer, a best-selling author, entrepreneur, and a motivational speaker. 

We sat down with Margie to talk about the approaches she uses to thrive while working with a spouse. As Co-owner of The Ken Blanchard Companies®, Margie has worked alongside her husband, Ken Blanchard, for nearly 40 years. In part one of the series, we talked about taking the steps to make sure partners know and share their purpose and vision while working alongside one another. 

In part two, we examine ways to make sure you can avoid unnecessary conflict or tension. 

Share Your Strengths

While every business partnership will have a different “why,” Margie says that working together with a spouse is best supported when you also take time to talk about your personal strengths.   

Avoid misunderstanding each other by communicating your individual strengths and what you believe you do not do well, says Margie. 

“One of the things that Ken and I have done is take the time to write down what our strengths were in terms of what we were the most interested in, and what we were the least interested in. We also wrote down what neither one of us was good at, that we didn't want to, or couldn't, do well.” This process helped cut down on assumptions, second-guessing, and it encouraged a mutual admiration while working together. 

“Ken is great at writing. He's a very good cheerleader in our company. He just has an affinity to reaching out and connecting not only with clients, but also with people. I'm interested in those things, but Ken is gifted in those areas. I have more interest in what's going on in the business. I love strategy…Ken and I are quite different in that respect,” she explains. 

“We’re Each Doing the Best We Can”

“Clarify your different strengths, and clarify the responsibilities and roles that go with it,” adds Margie. “I have a very firm belief that we're each doing the best we can at all times given our level of awareness, which is really about having grace. If I make a mistake, it wasn't because I intended to make a mistake, it was because I wasn't as aware as I may be now.” Just as you would take the steps to do this with employees, don’t neglect doing this with your spouse, either. 

Advance Your Business Together

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