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Clarify & Communicate Your Ideas

You have the business and the expertise, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sharpen your ability to influence others in your organization. When others don’t understand your ideas, they are less likely to support and help execute them. 

Fortunately, you can get an introduction to the strategies you can use to deliver your new ideas to employees and colleagues in the Leadership Memo download. Discover how to communicate more clearly and uncover a template to use in many of your communications. 

In the Leadership Memo download, you will learn:

  • A step-by-step guide for what to include when presenting solutions to colleagues

  • Two formats to follow for clear and persuasive communication

  • Tips to encourage your desired “next steps”

Download the Leadership Memo to learn more.

Then you can continue what you’ve started by attending the Leadership Memo Tool Talk to learn more about how to best present ideas and plans within your organization.