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Does Your Style Gain Trust?

Jan 11, 2018 10:30 AM by Aileron
Your effectiveness as a leader correlates with the amount of trust the people you lead have in you. The less trust they have in you, the more time you’ll have to spend making a case for what you’re trying to get done.  If your people trust you, they...
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What is Professional Management?

Jan 04, 2018 10:30 AM by Aileron
In the video below a number of small business owners explain—in their own words—how professional management has helped their businesses. Professional management is something that can help you run your business, rather than letting it run you. It can...
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What's the Painful Problem Your Business Is Helping to Solve?

Dec 28, 2017 10:30 AM by Aileron
Throughout my career, I’ve developed many products and services that were good, sometimes even great. But more times than I would like to admit, they never got noticed. Never got talked about. Never achieved the desired results. Why? Because they were...
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4 Ways Authentic Leaders Use Feedback

Dec 21, 2017 10:30 AM by Aileron
“When we were a smaller organization, I had a lot more influence on the culture than I do now,” says Sean Kelly, CEO of SnackNation, a company that delivers healthy snacks to offices and homes across America. SnackNation currently has about 150...
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Check the Pulse of Your Company Culture With These Questions

Dec 14, 2017 10:30 AM by Aileron
In SnackNation’s early years, CEO Sean Kelly was afraid of hearing raw and honest feedback from his team. “Even though I cared massively about what people were feeling, and how they felt the organization was serving them, I was a little bit scared to...
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How One Self-Described ‘Type A’ Entrepreneur Learned to Let Go

Dec 07, 2017 10:30 AM by Aileron
John Werner, President/CEO of White Commercial Corporation, knew something had changed around his organization when, one day, he walked by a conference room and noticed a meeting he was completely unaware was taking place.    No invite or no...
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This Is The Power of Saying 'No'

Nov 30, 2017 10:30 AM by Aileron
Those that have attended my competitive strategy workshops have heard me say that the key to a great strategy is choosing what not to do: what products/services do I choose not to offer; what activities will I not undertake; and what customers will I...
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Hiring? Follow These 4 Secrets to Find Top Talent

Nov 23, 2017 10:30 AM by Aileron
When hiring, LaRosa’s, Inc.’s philosophy is, “Good people know good people.” That’s why they make sure to tap their current employee base to help find additional great talent, says Steve Browne, Executive Director of HR at LaRosa’s. (LaRosa’s is a...
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