Aileron Partners With Ed Baker to Challenge Traditional Management Practices

Mar 02, 2017 10:30 AM by Aileron

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The Symphony of Profound Knowledge, written by Ed Baker, is a must-read book that expands upon Deming's theories and philosophies—many of which are commonly discussed and put into practice in professional management. The book, and what Dr. Deming taught, contradicts what's learned in school and in the management of organizations. Dr. Deming’s teachings encourage the reevaluation of what is seen as fact, including how to apply those concepts throughout one’s life. 

The Symphony of Profound Knowledge by Ed BakerThe following is a note written by Clay Mathile that appears at the beginning of the book: 

Humility is a characteristic common to the great leaders from whom I have learned and been privileged to know. This humility is, I think, a way of acknowledging that we all build on the knowledge and wisdom we gain from others. We share knowledge to empower and enlighten one another so that we fulfill the greatest contribution of leadership, to pass along what we have learned to develop future generations.  

It is in this forward thinking and philanthropic spirit that Aileron feels passionate and privileged to partner with Ed Baker in the publication of this book. Aileron is a nonprofit organization that began as my commitment to pay forward the invaluable learning and mentoring I received from others when I was growing Iams, a dog- and cat-food company. While at Iams, I studied Dr. Deming’s teachings, and it contributed to the company’s success. 

At Aileron, we have developed a system influenced by Dr. W. Edwards Deming and other great thought leaders. Dr. Deming’s timeless teachings have been, and will continue to be, a driving influence because we’ve seen his philosophies work. From viewing our working life as part of our whole life, to feeling that we are valued collaborators not competitors, and that we can experience fun, joy, and pride while working. Dr. Deming’s teachings are as relevant and practical today as they were during his lifetime in the twentieth century.

We need more than models and philosophies. We need great teachers, mentors, and interpreters to guide us. Ed’s book will help Aileron carry Dr. Deming’s teachings to any willing learner and to the business owners we serve.

As Dr. Deming and Ed have taught us, every leader’s responsibility is to give people the knowledge that they need to work within a system and to succeed in it. In effect, Aileron is fulfilling that responsibility. We are being responsible leaders, stewards of this valuable, timeless knowledge, by capturing and sharing Dr. Deming’s philosophy through Ed Baker’s lens. 

“Learning is not compulsory...neither is survival.” – W. Edwards Deming

No matter where you are at as a leader, learning the philosophies and teachings of Dr. Deming can powerfully change your life. Visit here to get your copy of Ed Baker’s The Symphony of Profound Knowledge.  

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